ISSUE 28  |  Lighting & Linens

Lighting: Workstead at Horne

July 12, 2010 8:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

We've been following Workstead, a New York design collaborative between architects Stefanie Brechbuehler and Robert Highsmith, for a while now; the duo creates lighting fixtures using repurposed industrial joints, vintage Hubbell sockets, and new-cut steel (see Lighting: Workstead Industrial Chandelier). So we were pleased to learn recently that Workstead's Elemental Line of Lighting fixtures are now carried at Horne, one of our favorite online sources.

Above: The Workstead Steel Desk Lamp's fully adjustable articulated arm measures 26 inches in length and the black cotton braided cord is a generous 10 feet in length. The painted metal shade is available in black, blue, and red; $875.

Above: Workstead's Wall Sconce features an 18-inch-long wall-mounted arm and a fully adjustable articulated arm that's 26 inches long. The sconce is available with a black-, blue-, or red-painted metal shade; $875.

Above: The original Workstead Three-Arm Chandelier measures 50 to 62 inches from the ceiling to the bottom bulb. Each arm is 30 inches long, and the width is customizable, depending on the orientation of the fully adjustable articulated arms. The chandelier comes complete with matching ceiling rosette; $1,800.