Lighting: Vintage Cage Lights by

Issue 45 · LA Finds · November 7, 2008

Lighting: Vintage Cage Lights

Issue 45 · LA Finds · November 7, 2008

For some reason, Los Angeles abounds with great vintage lighting sources. We recently came across this collection of Early 20th-Century Cage Lights at one of our favorite sources, Rewire. Vintage patina comes at a cost, unfortunately: these lights run from $1,000 to $1,200 each at Rewire.


sm_cagewspring2.jpg cagewspring.jpg

Below: We are also enamored of this pair of brass Italian sconces from Obsolete, another great LA source for vintage lighting and ephemera; $900 each.

trovevintagesconce.jpg trovevintagesconce.jpg

Below: Rewire also offers this 1940s Nickel-Plated Industrial Lamp for $2,200.


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