ISSUE 90  |  London Design 2013

An Artful New Light Inspired by Nature

September 20, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Spotted at London Design Week 2013: Inspired by the Manuka flower of New Zealand, David Trubridge adds a layer of polycarbonate petals to a base of bamboo petals to replicate the delicate, five-pointed blossoms of the native blossom. The Manuka Light’s embedded LED bulbs cast razor sharp intricate patterns around the room, keeping things bright and interesting on the inside. The Manuka Light is available through Holloways of Ludlow in the UK and Wakanine in the US.

Above: The Manuka Light was inspired by the Manuka flower.

Above: LED bulbs are embedded into the structure of the shade.

Above: Polycarbonate and bamboo petals form an intricate pattern and cast interesting shadows. 

Above: The David Trubridge stand at Design Junction 2013. Photograph by Christine Chang Hanway.

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