ISSUE 50  |  White Christmas

Lighting: Sunday Lamp from Frost Produkt

December 14, 2011 7:30 PM

BY Justine Hand

Martina Carpelan of Frost Produkt was invited by the Norwegian magazine Design Interiør to create a lighting fixture in a week: the result is the Sunday Light, a combination sconce and shelf. It functions as a light, but should the power go out (or the mood strike you), you can flip the bulb to hold a candle. I love that it pays homage to the past while still being very much of the present. For more information, go to Northern Lighting.

Above: In a hallway, the Sunday Lamp provides a place for keys as well as illumination.

Above: The Sunday Lamp shelf is an ideal spot for a pair of reading glasses.

Above: When the mood strikes, the light can be flipped to accommodate a candle (glass of Scotch optional).