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Lighting: Sticks Chandeliers by Jeff Jones Design

February 17, 2011 7:45 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Atlanta, Georgia-based designer Jeff Jones has come out with a line of light fixtures made from vintage tobacco sticks (traditionally used as hangers for the drying of tobacco leaves) draped with cloth-cord pendant fixtures. Jones worked with Swedish company Nud to create a UL-approved version of the Bakelite and fabric-cord fixture he uses in his designs. The Stick lights come in two sizes—the smaller (48 inches in diameter) is about $1,400 and the larger (90 inches in diameter) is about $2,000—and can be seen in situ at the Summerhouse in Mill Valley, ABC Home in New York, and Revival in Chattanooga.

Above: Sticks chandelier with turquoise fabric cording.

Above: Jones used small cylindrical light bulbs in the turquoise Sticks chandelier.

Above two photos: Sticks chandelier with red fabric cording.