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Lighting: Laboratorio Lamp from Anve in Lisbon

February 28, 2011 2:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Anve founders Kerstin and Annett, self-proclaimed nomads (between them they have lived in Tokyo, Berlin, Cape Town, and Maputo), met in Lisbon a year ago and began exploring the city together. “We stumbled into many odd little stores, specializing in screws or ropes, pans or buttons, things that have vanished in more capitalized countries. We were just sparking with ideas what to use this or that for, and during coffee breaks our paper napkins were covered with little drawings.” The duo just launched an online shop called Anve, where they offer the results of those brainstorms. We especially like their Laboratorio Lamp, made from flasks sourced from Marinha Grande, a small seaside town that was for centuries the center of the Portuguese glass industry.

Above: The Laboratorio Lamp is made with a vintage borosilicate laboratory flask with a brass, rubber, and porcelain lamp socket; comes with 3 meters of black textile cable and a Euro plug; €120.