ISSUE 35  |  Modern Design for Children

Lighting: Hip Haven Retro Fixtures

August 27, 2008 7:40 PM

BY Julie Carlson

<p style="clear: both;">These mod (and moderately priced) fixtures from Austin, Texas&ndash;based <a target="_blank" href="">Hip Haven</a> would work well in a child’s room, especially the cheery reading-light sconces available in blue, yellow, orange, red, pink, green, and turquoise. Via <a target="_blank" href="">More Ways to Waste Time</a>.</p>
<p style="clear: both;">Below: <a href="/products/single-bullet-sconce">Single swivel bullet-shaped wall mount</a>; $55.</p>
<p style="clear: both;"><img alt="hiphavenyellowsconcepair.jpg" src="/img/sub/hiphavenyellowsconcepair.jpg" /> Below: <a href="/products/single-tapered-bullet-sconce">Single swivel tapered bullet wall mount</a>; $85.</p>
<p style="clear: both;"><img alt="hiphavewhitesconcepair.jpg" src="/img/sub/hiphavewhitesconcepair.jpg" /></p>