ISSUE 3  |  Belle Epoque

Lighting: High/Medium/Low Chandelier

January 18, 2010 4:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

After our recent 10 Easy Pieces: Halo Chandeliers post, our SF architect friend Cary Bernstein sent us a link to the Goldman chandelier, designed in 1911 by Austrian architect Adolf Loos. The chandelier, commissioned for the apartment of Leopold Goldman (who also commissioned the iconic Goldman & Salatsch building designed by Loos in Vienna), continues to inspire lighting designers today.

Above: The Goldman Chandelier by Adolf Loos is available through Woka Lamps Vienna; $3,306 by special order, available in brass or nickel plate, with silk cord.

Above: Fairfax Chandelier from Conant Metalworks; $850.

Above: Roost Halo Chandelier; antique-finished brass with cloth cord; $270 at Velocity Art & Design.