ISSUE 45  |  Scandinavian Rustic

Lighting: High/Low Bracket Light

November 08, 2011 7:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Two approaches to the simple bracket sconce; the first (more refined) option features a solid oak bracket and is designed by NY-based Dino Sanchez; the second features a low-cost bracket from Ikea and a cloth cord pendant from Nud in Sweden.

Above: The elegant Bracket Wall Sconce by Dino Sanchez is made from naturally finished solid oak with a painted steel fitting (available in white, black, orange, or blue); $365 at Horne.

Above: Source an Ekby Stilig bracket from Ikea ($6), paint it black, loop a Swedish NUD Classic Pendant ($49.37) around it, and voilà, instant bracket pendant. Photo via Huamao.