ISSUE 6  |  Los Angeles Glamour

Lighting: Caleb Siemon Happy Kiss Lights

February 08, 2010 9:00 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Santa Ana, California, might not have the same cachet as Murano, Italy, but it’s where RISD grad and glass maker Caleb Siemon has made his home. Siemon, who studied in Murano under the famous glass sculptor Pino Signoretto, is renowned for his glass vases and bowls. We are particularly taken with his line of lighting,  especially the Happy Kiss Lights (shown below), which emit a glowing, refracted light. Available through Lightopia.

Above: Happy Kiss Light in sargasso, $500.

   Above: Happy Kiss Light in lime, $500.

Above: Thick Clear Barnacle Pendant, $1,000.

Above: Thick Clear Beehive Pendant, $1,000.