ISSUE 5  |  Parisian Style

Lighting: Pendant Lamps from Jieldé and Bestlite

February 05, 2009 10:41 PM

BY Julie Carlson

 From Julie & Janet:

Two of our favorite lighting companies, Bestlite and Jielde, have come out with oversize black pendant lights; homages to Cecilie Manz’s Caravaggio Lamp, perhaps? We like the industrial vibe of these two new lights; it would be a challenge to decide between them, in fact.

Above: The Bestlite BL9 XL Pendant Lamp is available in black, white, or ivory and is 23.6 inches in diameter; $549 at the Danish Design Store.

Above: Founded in 1950 by Jean-Louis Domecq, a French machinist in search of a utilitarian articulated task light, Jieldé has recently added to its product line with the Augustin pendant lamp. Available in 16 high-gloss colors, ranging from mustard to olive green, the interior can be painted either in silver or gold. The Small (6.3 inches in diameter) is €164, the Medium (9.4 inches) is €213.04, and the Large is (14.2 inches) €251.31 at Voltex.