ISSUE 10  |  California Cool

Channeling the Laid-Back Look with L’Aviva Home

March 11, 2015 11:00 AM

BY Margot Guralnick

Laura Aviva travels the world to collaborate with artisan communities all over. But the fact that she’s from California shines through in all of her designs, which are made for lounging. Case in point: her Moroccan pom-pom embellished blankets and new Colombian poufs.

Above: Aviva describes her Moroccan Pom-Pom Blanket as “a stylized rendition of the traditional wool blankets used to protect against freezing temperatures in the High Atlas Mountains”; $485. 

Above: L’Aviva Home Alpaca Frazada Pillows handwoven in the Bolivian Highlands and backed with Belgian linen. They’re 22-inch squares; $300 each (feather-and-down pillow insert included). 

Above: “Blacks, whites, and grays play well together,” says Aviva. The pattern was inspired by Bolivian grain sacks. 

Above: Aviva’s latest venture began with a long trek to the town of Tuchin, Colombia, to work with weavers specializing in traditional sombreros. Aviva reimagined new uses for their technique, and the first results are her Caña Flecha Poufs named for the palm fiber they’re made of. “The fiber is dyed using color extracted from local leaves and plants. Long, thin strips are finely braided together into strands that are then sewn into a series of concentric circles,” she says. Read the story behind the poufs here.

Above: Caña Flecha Poufs are 26 inches in diameter, stuffed with a poly-fiber fill, and have complimentary patterning on the top and bottom (one of each is shown here facing up); $585. The hats on the wall are sombrero vueltiaos, Aviva’s source of inspiration. She’s at work on hat-shaped pendant lamps as well as wall and headboard coverings in the same style.

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