8 Laundry Room Essentials for the New Year by

Issue 1 · New Beginnings · January 7, 2014

8 Laundry Room Essentials for the New Year

Issue 1 · New Beginnings · January 7, 2014

My own personal New Year's resolution has to do with laundry: perhaps with these products I can learn to embrace the process rather than avoid it.

West Elm Ironing Board/Remodelista

Above: The Mid-Century Ironing Board made of natural ashwood is $199 from West Elm.

West Elm Yellow Bin/Remodelista

Above: Store laundry powder detergent in the Rectangular Yellow Bin with Lid; $19.95 from Crate and Barrel's Clean Slate collection.

Brook Farm Porcelain Scoop/Remodelista

Above: We'd use the White Porcelain Scoop from Brook Farm General Store for dispensing detergent; $39.

Mason Jar Laundry Soap Pump/Remodelista

Above: For liquid laundry detergent, consider a Ball Mason Quart Jar; $19.95 from FB Studio via Etsy.

Devol Clothes Horse Remodelista

Above: The Handmade Wooden Clothes Horse is $227.24 from Not on the High Street. For something similar, consider the Wooden Clothes Dryer; NZD $145 from Everyday Needs. In the US, the Large Wood Drying Rack is $79.95 from Crate & Barrel's Clean Slate line.

Wooden Laundry Pins/Remodelista

Above: Brook Farm General Store sells a pack of 20 classic Wooden Spring Clothespins in a plain muslin drawstring bag; $12. Photo via The Linen Works.

Canvas Clothespin Bag/Remodelista

Above: The Homz Canvas Clothes Pin Bag is $5.79 from Ace Hardware.

Tangent Garment Care from Sweden Stain Remover | Remodelista

Above: From Tangent of Sweden, sun flower and soy bean stain remover in a brown glass bottle. The company's Natural Laundry Potions are available from Tangent Garment Care directly; we hope they make their way to the US soon.

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