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Naked No More: Lampshades for Plumen Bulbs

July 02, 2015 3:00 PM

BY Margot Guralnick

The world’s most stylish energy-efficient bulbs, the Plumen 001 and 002, look good naked. They also accessorize well. Of late Plumen has been collaborating with kindred designers all over on a range of shades tailor made to present the bulbs in the best light. 

Above: Admired at ICFF and debuting this September, the Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade is an in-house Plumen design that comes in white (shown), black, and amber. 

Above: The Plumen Drop Top Shade in black. The London-based company has online UK, Euro, and US shops, and the new glass shade will be available at all three; $109.95 for the shade alone, and $174.95 for a set, including a Plumen Drop Cap Pendant and Plumen 001 bulb

Above: Part of Plumen’s Flat Pack Designer Lampshade Series, the Sphery 50 Wooden Light Shade is by UK designer Kirsty Patrick of By Kirsty; £195 ($304.41).

Above: A DIY invented by Plumen’s Korean distributor: the Plumen 001 bulb ($34.95) and Drop Cap Pendant (currently on sale starting at $19.38) with a shade made from an Air Vase by Torafu Architects of Tokyo. The perforated paper comes flat and is designed to be shaped and reshaped in different ways, including as a vase, bowl, or shade. Air Vases are available from Kollekt; $29 for a pack of three in white or black. See more examples of Air Vase Shades.

Above: The new Niche Modern Crystalline Series Pendant Collection starts at $595 each.

Above: A collaboration between Plumen and London furniture and lighting firm Made, the Plume Pendant comes in Smoke Gray and Smoke Blue; £99 ($154.55), including 001 Bulb from Made.

Above: Designed by Plumen with Formaliz3d of Italy, the Kayan 3D Printed Lamp Shade is made of perforated ABS plastic created using 3-D modeling and printing. It works with the Baby Plumen 001 and Original Plumen 002; €149.95 ($234); inquire about US availability.

Above: Kayan shades in situ in Italy.

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