ISSUE 7  |  Great Danes

Danish Love: Typographic City Posters

February 20, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Dalilah Arja

Designer Christina Muff found herself homesick for her native Denmark while living abroad and needed a piece of familiarity to remind her of home. In response, she began making highly typographic (yet minimally designed) maps, and that led to Kortkartellet (which translates to “short cartel”), her shop specializing in graphic posters that pay homage to various European cities, especially Copenhagen. Each is printed on high-quality paper and serves as a decorative reminder of a place you’ve been–or would like to go. 

Visiting Denmark? Kortekartellet recently opened its first brick and mortar boutique in Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen.

Above: A collection of Christina Muff’s posters.

Above: A map of Denmark, printed in a limited edition of 30; 999.00 DKK ($185 USD). 

Above: Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, divided into boroughs; 599.00 DKK ($110 USD). 

Above: A matte copper metallic print of Frederiksberg, a district of Copenhagen; 399.00 DKK ($74 USD). 

Above: The heart of Copenhagen, Indre By, printed in a color known as Petrol Blue; 399.00 DKK ($74 USD). 

Above: Copenhagen’s hip and trendy Ní¸rrebro district, printed in a medium gray; 399.00 DKK ($74 USD). 

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