ISSUE 31  |  Farmhouse Modern

Kitchen: Viola Park Kitchen System

August 03, 2009 7:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

On my recent trip to Seattle, I stopped in at the Henrybuilt headquarters, where I discovered the new, accessibly priced Viola Park Kitchen System. Designed to fill the gap between low-cost, off-the-shelf kitchen cabinets and high-end modular systems, Viola Park is a well-designed, flexible kitchen line with a modern Shaker sensibility. While it is a separate company, Viola Park leverages Henrybuilt's design, manufacturing, and service knowledge; the components are built in the same shop as the higher-end Henrybuilt, using the same quality hardware, with a standard set of mix-and-match components and a more limited range of finishes. Prices are kept lower by offering self-service support with online decision-making and design tools (coming soon to the Viola Park site), with an average kitchen costing about $15,000, not including backsplash and countertop.