ISSUE 7  |  South of France

Kitchen: European Rustic Roundup

February 19, 2009 11:32 AM

BY Julie Carlson

A while back, we filed Bath: Rustic Rooms. Now we turn our attention to rustic kitchens, most located overseas.

Above: A rustic kitchen illuminated by fireplace flames; photo by Alain Potignon.

Above: A battered wooden worktable adds character to a stainless-steel kitchen.

Above: A plywood-panelled kitchen photographed by Richard Birch.

Above: A kitchen in Australia photographed by Richard Powers.

Above: The kitchen of the Collage House, a former factory turned into a mod family residence by UK designer Jonathan Tuckey. Photograph by James Brittain Photography.

Above: An English kitchen via Light Locations.

Above: An ad hoc loft kitchen with sink inset into a long workbench.

Above: A charmingly imperfect kitchen sink, via Light Locations.

Above: A white Bosch refrigerator in a rustic farmhouse; photo by Joanna Henderson.