ISSUE 10  |  Euro Cool

Kitchen: Royal Wedding Commemorative Tea Towels

March 11, 2011 2:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

With less than eight weeks to go until the Royal Wedding, kitchens throughout the UK will soon be awash with commemorative tea towels. Here are some of our favorites.

Above L: Ben Pentreath asked his friend and fellow classicist Francis Terry to design the commemorative Royal Wedding Tea Towel; £4 at Ben Penreath. Above R: The typography in the simple and elegant John Lewis Royal Wedding Tea Towel is reminiscent of stationery; £6 at John Lewis.

Above L: Queen of English pottery Emma Bridgewater designed the William & Kate Royal Wedding Tea Towel to honor the celebrations; £10 at Emma Bridgewater. Above R: Graphic designer Maria Holmer Dahlgren (the cofounder of Swedish stationers Ordning and Reda) designed the fresh and contemporary I Do Royal Wedding Commemorative Tea Towel; £11.75 at the London Transport Museum.