ISSUE 25  |  Bright and Airy

Kitchen: Recycling Bins

June 16, 2008 8:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

The recycling protocol is always a big issue in the summer, when we head to Wellfleet for a month. The delicate eco system of Cape Cod requires meticulous sorting of refuse (going to the dump is a part-time job—clear glass must be separated from green or brown glass). It's bad enough that in our kitchen we have three homely white plastic garbage containers dedicated to discards. Last summer, my husband took a Sharpie to the bins, writing in large, ragged block print "Paper," "Bottles," and "Plastic." This summer, I plan to install this system featured in Living Etc. Note the laminated photos pasted on the underside of each lid to indicate function. The Brabantia 20-Liter Retro Pedal Bin in almond shown below is currently on sale for $94.99 (down from $135) at Truly the Finest. Not cheap, but cheaper than couples counseling.