Kitchen: Old-Fashioned Scales by

Issue 34 · Vintage Revisited · August 20, 2008

Kitchen: Old-Fashioned Scales

Issue 34 · Vintage Revisited · August 20, 2008

Dispatch from my recent trip to England: I first spotted an old-fashioned weighing scale in a kitchen revamped by Ilse Crawford. Since then, they seem to have made a comeback in the UK. RE, my favorite local store in Northumberland, stocks several vintage scales (see below). Conran also carries a great modern update.

Below: A vintage scale in a kitchen from Living Etc.


Below: Baileys Home and Garden offers a Weighing Scale with metric weights for £85.


Below: Weighing scales from RE, from £45. Regrettably, many of their great vintage finds do not make it to their website.

vin-scales-re.png vin-scales-re-2.png

Below: Bengt Et kitchen scale and clock; $175 from Conran.


Below: High-Rise Display Scale; $49.99 at Chefs Catalog.


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