Kitchen: Magnetic Spice Racks by

Issue 5 · Parisian Style · February 5, 2009

Kitchen: Magnetic Spice Racks

Issue 5 · Parisian Style · February 5, 2009

Our friend and fellow blogger Barr Hogen of Flavorista swears by her magnetic spice rack (she sources her spices from the Savory Spice Company, a Colorado company that grinds and blends spices in small, weekly batches).


Above: Kitchen by Portland, Oregon-based architect Paul McKean.

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Above L: Ikea offers the Grundtal Magnetic Knife Rack for $8.99 and the Grundtal Magnetic-Backed Small Containers; $4.99 for a three-pack.


Above: Lipper See & Store Spice Rack; $34.99 at Amazon.


Above: SoHo Magnetic Spice Rack with 12 containers; $59.99 at Chef Giant.

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