Kitchen: Lab Lagny Stoneware by

Issue 43 · Scotland Bound · October 21, 2008

Kitchen: Lab Lagny Stoneware

Issue 43 · Scotland Bound · October 21, 2008

We love this vintage Lab Lagny stoneware Pommery crock with an array of hand-carved wooden spoons from Live Wire Farm in Jacksonville, Vermont. Vintage Lab Lagny jugs can be found on eBay; most for under $10 (or you can also buy a 500-gram crock of Pommery Moutard de Meaux for $23.75 at Amazon). Live Wire Farm sells hand-carved and -sanded spoons made from maple, beech, or birch wood that's aged for at least 24 months; prices range from $10 to $50.



Below: Currently available on eBay for $7.99: a Lab Lagny stoneware jug (5 inches tall, 4 inches in diameter).


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