Kitchen: Jasper Morrison Basics by

Issue 27 · Back to Basics · June 30, 2008

Kitchen: Jasper Morrison Basics

Issue 27 · Back to Basics · June 30, 2008

British designer Jasper Morrison's kitchen basics for Alessi are simple perfection.

Below: Five Piece Kitchen Utensil Set; available in satin or polished stainless steel; $115 at Lumens.


Below: Kitchen Tool Set in beechwood; $15 at Scandinavian Details.


Below: Pots & Pans Colander of mirror-polished stainless steel; $78 at Scandinavian Details.


Below: Black, gray, or white Pepe Le Moko polymide and stainless pepper and salt mills; $82 at Unica Home.


Below: Pots & Pans Collection for Alessi; constructed with 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum and AISI 430 magnetic steel radiating base. Glazed interiors, polished exteriors, and spot-welded handles. From $62 for a small saucepan to $212 for a three-piece pasta set; an eight-piece set is $400 at Lumens.


Below: Tin Family Containers for Alessi; available in satin finish or polished finish; from $8.50 for the smallest to $52.50 for the largest; $74.50 for the set at Y Lighting.


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