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Kitchen: Ian Mankin Pot Holders at Ancient Industries

April 14, 2010 3:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

Our friend Megan Wilson, a book cover designer in New York and the writer and proprietress of Ancient Industries, recently began stocking a few items from UK fabric line Ian Mankin. Here's her report:

"My mother was an interior designer in London and one of Ian Mankin's first customers, so it's very nice for me to finally be able to sell his fabrics (albeit in a different form). Ian was such a throwback, he made shopping at his store rather difficult with his refusal to deal with credit cards (more than once I was caught short and would have to hurry to the nearest ATM).

"Last year, Ian sold his business, and the new owners have brought the shop into the 21st century. On my most recent visit to the Primrose Hill store, I was happily surprised to find that the range has been expanded, so that people who want a bit of ticking in their lives (but don't know what to do with bolts of fabric) can buy oven gloves and mitts, cooking aprons, tea towels, and tote bags."

N.B. I've already put in my order for a Blue Oven Glove; visit Ancient Industries to order yours.

Above: Blue Oven Mitt faced with towelling; perfect for use with an Aga; $35.

Above: Red Oven Glove in 100 percent cotton; $25.

Above: Red Oven Mitt faced with towelling for extra thickness; $35

Above: Blue Oven Glove in 100 percent cotton; $25.