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Kitchen: Edlund Professional Kitchen Tools

February 24, 2009 5:59 PM

BY Julie Carlson

I’ve never liked magnetized wall-mounted knife racks (too precarious) or knife blocks (countertop space hoggers). I do like this Wall-Mount Stainless-Steel Knife Rack manufactured by the Edlund Company in Burlington, Vermont (motto: "Our reputation is stainless"), which holds nine knives and adds a professional-restaurant vibe to your kitchen. $74.39 at Tundra Restaurant Supply.

Edlund also makes appealing, professional-quality kitchen tools, such as the can opener and scale shown below.

Above: Edlund’s No. 1 Manual Can Opener is $98.49 at Tundra Restaurant Supply and would make a handsome addition to any kitchen.

Above: Edlund’s Stainless-Steel Portion Scales start at $109.62 at Tundra Restaurant Supply. Overseas, Manufactum carries the Edlund Kitchen Weighing Machine for €273.90.