ISSUE 23  |  Summer Color

A Design-Worthy Canteen: Kitchen by Mike in Sydney

June 06, 2012 9:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Located on the premises of Koskela, one of Sydney's best design showrooms, Kitchen by Mike is a canteen-style cafe headed by Michael McEnearney (the former chef of Rockpool), who shops at the early-morning farmer's markets and plans his menu according to what he finds.

For more information, go to Kitchen by Mike at Koskela.

Photography by Jillian Leiboff.

Above: A concrete wall is painted black.

Above: Built-in seating around tables made from wood industrial stools.

Above: The tops of the wooden spools are painted matte black.

Above: Furniture is comprised of a mix of contemporary pieces from Koskela.

Above L: Tomato cans used as utensil holders. Above R: A giant wine jug.

Above: A concrete basin sink.

Above: Painted wood blocks serve as table markers.

Above: Oversize rattan lamps from Gervasoni provide illumination.