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Kitchen: Bulthaup Workbench

February 02, 2009 7:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

German kitchen design house Bulthaup aims to “achieve authenticity in terms of function and materials and regards reduction to the essentials as its goal.” Unnecessary decoration is eschewed. The result? Highly functional, minimalist design that works equally well in modern or traditional settings.

Bulthaup’s kitchen workbenches are genius–professional-looking, compact units that can be positioned anywhere in the kitchen. The most important work areas of a kitchen are combined in a single element. The ergonomically designed work surface accommodates the cooking area, a flat sink for preparing food, and a deep sink integrated on a utility recess. Movable elements, chopping boards, and sliding slicers are the finishing elements in these functional workstations.

Above: The System 20 Workbench.

Above:  Bulthaup’s newest model, the b2 Kitchen Workbench; go to Bulthaup b2 Kitchen Workshop for more information.