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From La Cornue: The Cutting Edge in Kitchen Appliances

July 16, 2014 1:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

La Cornue, a brand known as the Rolls Royce of cooking ranges, has introduced a collection of freestanding kitchen units that push the design envelope. La Cornue W’s line is an all-electric cooking trio (oven, cooktop, and hood) that look more like living room furniture than kitchen appliances. 

Designed by French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, these all-black appliances are light on their feet but heavyweights in terms of cooking performance. And La Cornue devotees can rest assured: The brand’s signature design components are incorporated into these new pieces, from the knobs to the vaulted oven (developed by La Cornue’s founder more than a century ago).

Like the company’s other high-end ranges, W line pieces are individually made to order by craftsmen in La Cornue’s factory outside of Paris. The party line: “Even if you happen to be the Queen of England, you will have to wait at least two months.” Unfortunately, those of us stateside will have to wait even longer: The W line isn’t yet available in the US; our sources tell us that it’s arriving in late fall. Prices aren’t yet available either, but let’s just say you’ll need a queen-sized budget. 

Above: La Cornue’s W Line includes an oven tower (disguised as a cabinet), an induction table (yes, it’s a cooktop) and a range hood. 

Above: Cupboard or oven? The W Oven Tower has an electric vaulted oven set in a painted wood cabinet with a storage cupboard above and a drawer below.  

Above: The electric vaulted oven packs power, but already meets future European energy standards. It offers fast pre-heating technology and very precise temperature control. 

Above: Kitchen worktop or cooking surface? The La Cornue W Induction Table is both. This table with gently tapered legs is topped with four high-performance induction burners (14 kilowatts of power, the equivalent of professional kitchens). The burners are laid out in an arc pattern, with a work space in the center that can be used for preparing food and placing kitchen tools.

Above: Traditional La Cornue details are incorporated into the W Induction Table, including a towel rail, polished stainless-steel control knobs (positioned in the front for ease of use), and generous-sized cooktop (150 centimeters). 



Above: The La Cornue W Hood can be operated by remote control; its suction area is around the edge of the hood for maximum odor extraction.  

For more information and availability, contact La Cornue USA (Purcell Murray)

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