ISSUE 11  |  The Celtic Angle

JarLamps from UpCycle in Ireland

March 14, 2012 10:30 AM

BY Izabella Simmons

Nick Barker, the inventor of UpCycle, is a young Irish entrepreneur who in the past year has come up with several compelling ideas on how to "make waste better." We especially like Barker's JarLamp collection, made from recycled glass jars repurposed as lamps.

Barker powder-coats the lids in different colors and drills a hole that allows him to connect the lamp fitting to a mount on the lid. Starting next month, the lamps will be available though Designist in Ireland.

N.B.: Barker plans to set up a jar recycling collection system in stores and schools throughout Ireland.

Above: The Avoca features a red lid and white cord.

Above: The large Classic Jar Lamp.

Above: The Classic Jar Lamp features a gold powder-coated lid.

Above: The Nutella is made from a Nutella jar.

Above: The practical and portable Avoca Jar Lamp.