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New Serving: Splatterware Ceramics from Italy

January 20, 2015 4:00 PM

BY Margot Guralnick

Jackson Pollock was hardly the first to elevate the paint drip. Spatterware (also known as splatterware) ceramics and enamelware have been around for centuries. But not all is equal. We especially like these classic glazed terracotta designs with just the right amount of speckling. Made by a generations-old, family-run workshop in Puglia, Italy, each piece is hand thrown and splattered. Available in eight color combinations, the line is available in the US from March in San Francisco.

Photography by Ben Kist for March.

Above: The Black on White 20.75-Inch Splatterware Platter is $225. The black-and-white color combination is made exclusively for March. 

Above: The Green on Cream 18-Inch Splatterware Serving Bowl, $210, is the largest of three serving bowl sizes available.

Above: Gray on White Splatterware Pitchers come in three sizes, priced at $45, $80, and $95. All pieces in the collection are available in any of the eight colorways.

Above: Brown on Cream Splatterware Plates range from 7.25-inch fruit plates to 14-inch chargers, $38 to $98. The line is dishwasher safe, but a low temperature is recommended.

Above: Blue on Blue Splatterware Cups are $35 each.

Above: The wedding gift you’ve been looking for? The Black on White Splatterware 13-Inch Serving Bowl is $98.

Above: For storing dry goods, Green on Yellow Splatterware Canisters come in small, medium, and large: $48, $65, and $75. They’re not air-tight, but adding a rubber band to the rim creates a good seal.

Above: The Gray on White 18-Inch Splatterware Serving Bowl is $225.

Above: To view the whole collection, go to March.

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