ISSUE 49  |  Wild West

Inspiration from Swan Fish Camp in Minnesota

December 08, 2010 8:20 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Architect Andrea Swan of Minneapolis firm Swan Architecture was inspired by “the color palette of the lake, sky, birch trees, and dramatic winter snow drifts” in her design for her family’s fishing refuge on Lake Mille Lacs. At just under 2,000 square feet, the cabin is small in scale but feels more spacious, thanks to the sweeping lake views captured via sliding glass doors and a dramatic circular window. Swan used high-efficiency windows from Marvin Windows and Doors throughout the project and installed a dual-fuel furnace (electric heat pump and gas furnace in one); even in the dead of winter, the cabin remains snug and draft-free.

For anyone embarking on a remodeling or construction project, Marvin offers the myMarvin Remodeling Planner, a free, easy-to-use tool that allows you to create room layouts for your entire house using your own dimensions. Start with a floor plan, add furniture, windows and doorways. View from above or in elevation view (there’s also a budget calculator and scrapbook for storing your own images).

Above: A round porthole window from Marvin Windows adds a dramatic note to the main living space.

Above: The beech extendable Norden Dining Table from Ikea is available in three lengths; the longest version (105 inches long) is $399 at Ikea. The matching Norden Bench is $69.99 at Ikea.

Above: For similar nautical-style lighting fixtures, consider the Avalon Barn Lantern ($295) from Barn Light Electric.

Above: Rows of hooks provide plenty of coat storage. Swan used rubber flooring in the entry area (practical in both summer and winter); for a similar product, consider Activa HP Rubber Flooring.

Above: Vintage wooden fishing buoys add a note of whimsy in the stairwell.

Above: For a similar sleeping solution, consider Ikea’s Mandel bed frame with drawers; $349 for the queen size. The companion Mandal Wall-Mounted Headboard comes with six adjustable shelves; $149 at Ikea.

For more information about high-efficiency windows, or to locate a Marvin’s dealer in your area, visit Marvin Windows and Doors.