ISSUE 28  |  The Smart Home

Industrial Manufacturing Meets Modern Design

July 12, 2012 8:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Located in Wolverhampton in the UK's West Midlands, a British design duo relies on the rich industrial and manufacturing heritage of the area to create a line of Old-World-Meets-New-World products.

The West Midlands was long the heart of British manufacturing, and while many UK companies rely on overseas production, the small design studio of Pottinger and Cole (run by Wayne Pottinger and Nathalie Cole) has chosen to use local fabricators. The couple uses computers to generate their 3D models and product designs, which they then hand over to local manufacturers, typically sourcing a fabricator within 10 miles. Their look? Simple, well-made, home accessories, most of which are available online.

Above: The Magi; £240 for blue lacquered and £260 for birch ply.

Above:The HB2 Hallway Bench; prices start at £790.

Above: The Polymer Clock; £140.