ISSUE 6  |  The French Connection

Industrial Light Mashups

February 06, 2012 9:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Noticed (and admired) lately: Installations of mixed industrial lamps, for an unstudied look.

Above: The interiors of Viajante in London feature a mix of reclaimed vintage industrial lights.

Above: A trio of wall-mounted industrial lights in the Atelier Mecanic in Romania, designed by Corvin Cristian, via Yatzer.

Above: A pair of mismatched industrial lamps in the Greek home of Alketas Pazis, via Yatzer. Photo by Vassilis Skopelitis.

Above: Architect Paul Mrozinski uses a vintage printing table and swing-arm lights to do drafting at his house in Provence, featured in via Caroline Clifton Mogg's recent book, A Space of My Own.

Above: The Cafe Kafka in Barcelona, via Yatzer.

Above: The Cafe Kafka in Barcelona, via Yatzer.