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Tiled Moroccan Side Tables for a Song

March 04, 2015 2:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Bring the vacation home with a Moroccan zellij tiled table (works indoors and out), courtesy of online seller Mui Ma.

Above: The Moroccan Tile Side Table with a foldable black iron frame and inlaid cement tiles is €150 ($167.50). The tabletop is 15.8 by 15.8 inches and the legs are 15.8 inches.

Above: The Moroccan Zellij Side Table in pearl white is €150 ($167.50). The ceramic mosaic tiles are made in Fez.

Above: The base folds up when not in use. Shown here, the Moroccan Zellij Side Table in pink; €150 ($167.50). 

Above: The Moroccan Zellij Side Table in black; €150 ($167.50). Source more Moroccan Design in our archive. Considering a trip to Marrakech? See A Remodeled Riad for Rent and tour La Mamoumia’s Royal Gardens on Gardenista.