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In the News: Top 5 Gardenista Posts of the Week

July 06, 2013 5:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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Michelle and Erin found the ultimate picnic accoutrements last week over at Gardenista: the world’s best lunch bag (we want one), an iconic picnic basket backpack, a drinks cooler that’s actually attractive, gingham napkins by the roll, and a foldable, portable table. Happy picknicking!

Above: We have a thing for German biergarten tables, but we actually prefer this Folding Picnic Table from Austria.

Above: Michelle is coveting the Market & Fruit Picking Pack.

Above: No need for paper napkins if you’ve got a roll of reusable My Drap Napkins stashed in your basket.

Above: Erin confesses she has a weird thing for lunch bags, especially The Marlowe.

Above: Janet found this appealing Picnic Basket Cooler made in Vermont plus four more great options.