ISSUE 4  |  Chinese New Year

Houseplants and More on Gardenista, Top 5 Posts of the Week

January 30, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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This week, Michelle and Erin focused on houseplants (including the Plant of Immortality), verdant interior courtyards, and a cure for the common cold.

Above: Erin visited an astonishing house with a Hidden Japanese Garden.

Above: Meredith asked “Will a ‘Poisonous’ Plant Really Kill Your Pet?” (That’s her cat Minou feasting on false aralia.)

Above: Justine shows us how to propagate the soothing succulent aloe, the Plant of Immortality.

Above: Sofia shows us how to make our own Rose Water, useful for headaches, tired eyes, and as an all-around winter refresher.

Above: An elixir that just might keep you from catching a cold: Erin brews a Natural Remedy for Fending Off Germs