ISSUE 74  |  The Kids Are All Right

A Family-Friendly House in Sussex

May 27, 2013 9:30 AM

BY Julie Carlson

A rambling cottage in the English countryside (East Sussex, to be exact) welcomes children, dogs, friends, and visitors with its unstuffy interiors‚ and some of the most charming kids’ rooms we’ve seen. Stay tuned for a Steal This Look tomorrow (we’ll be dissecting one of those children’s bedrooms).

Images via Light Locations.

Above: The exterior is stained black, in dramatic contrast to the green countryside.

Above: In the living room, scissors as decor.

Above: A trio of black industrial pendants illuminates the dining room table.

Above: A simple, low-budget kitchen.

Above: Window frames have been stripped and add a rustic note.

Above: The expansive living area.

Above: A sun room offers views of the surrounding landscape.

Above: In a guest room, a shelf of books provides diversion.

Above: A children’s room featuring rustic twin beds from XO in My Room.

Above: A closer look at the rustic bed made from reclaimed materials from XO in My Room.

Above: A path leads to the entryway.

Above: The black stained exterior cuts a dramatic profile.

Above: The house is surrounded by decking for an indoor outdoor feel.