ISSUE 27  |  Urban Outdoors

House Call: Summerhouse in South London

July 06, 2011 8:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Located in south London, this tiny summerhouse is an outbuilding situated on the grounds of an imposing brick manor house. The interior has been painted bright white and a small but serviceable kitchen installed; perfect as an urban retreat. Images via Light Locations.

Above: Double doors open onto a deck; raised beds are planted with a profusion of summery blooms.

Above: In the kitchen, a framed Royal Wedding Commemorative Tea Towel by Maria Holmer Dahlgren hangs above the sink.

Above: Glossy white painted floors add to the summery feel.

Above: The interiors are intentionally spare, save for a few simple pieces of furniture.

Above: A dash of modernity, via a midcentury settee.

Above: The outside area features raised beds planted with flowers, herbs, and vegetables.