ISSUE 43  |  Candy Colors

Restaurant Visit: Walden in Brooklyn

October 25, 2011 8:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Jamie Gray, the owner of forward-looking furniture store Matter in New York, branches into restaurants with the opening of Walden, located on a corner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In the interiors, Gray mixed traditional cafe furniture with contemporary lighting pieces by Lindsey Adelman and UK-based Michael Anastassiades, polished marble counters, and a simple, serene palette of black, gray, and white. For more information, go to Walden.

Photos by Ellen Warfield.

Above: Gray used a gold-plated brass Ball Light with braided silken cord by UK-based lighting designer Michael Anastassiades; $750 at Matter.

Above: A Stacking Bubble Three-Globe chandelier from Lindsey Adelman illuminates the dining area.