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Restaurant Visit: The Publican in Chicago

October 20, 2011 8:30 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

Located in Chicago's West Loop, the Publican is inspired by traditional European beer halls. Designed by Thomas Schlesser of Design Bureaux Inc., the space is defined by a grid of globe lighting. "By using about four times the number [of lights] one might normally see, it not only makes a cloud of lights but also makes the effect more abstract. The use of common objects repeated numerous times is a trick Pop artists used to great success," says Schlesser. For more information, go to the Publican.

Above: The Publican street sign is pure Americana.

Above: 10-foot high cafe-style doors open up to the street.

Above: The repetition of the globes creates a dramatic effect.

Above: The logo reinforces the menu, which emphasizes pork in many forms, including aged ham and suckling pig.

Above: The warm-hued space is airy and dominated by high-back chairs and large walnut communal tables, a good setup for celebrating food and drink.

Above: The long communal tables could have been imported straight from a beer hall in Bavaria.