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Restaurant Visit: Sitka & Spruce in Seattle

March 18, 2011 8:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Housed in a pair of former auto-body shops, Melrose Market has become the go-to haunt for Seattle's foodies. The Capitol Hill neighborhood market features an array of vendors, with an emphasis on locally sourced goods; it's also home to Sitka & Spruce, a low-key restaurant with a menu that draws on seasonal Northwest ingredients. Anchored by a long butcher block table, the space is a compelling mix of rustic (open kitchen with wood-fired hearth) and industrial (original factory windows, exposed concrete walls). For more information, go to Sitka & Spruce.

Above: The original metal factory windows add an industrial edge to the rustic setting.

Above: The open kitchen inspires an air of conviviality.

Above: The white-tiled bar offers additional seating.

Above: The long butcher block communal table seats twelve.

Above: Unadorned tables, set with the simplest of tableware.

Above: A small vase of seasonal blooms offers the only adornment.

Above: The open kitchen, glimpsed through the factory windows.

Photos via Chez Pim on Flickr, Ravenous Couple and Baubles, Bubbles and Beautiful Things.