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Holiday Gift: The Ultimate Sauna, Portability Included

December 21, 2012 5:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

One-percenters, this is for you: a sauna in a box. Just needs ribbon.

Should you be lucky enough to have a spare $41,000 lining your pocket, Matter in NYC offers a fully contained sauna encased in a shipping container with a corten steel exterior hardy enough to withstand saltwater. Built by Canadian design firm Castor, the watertight container is completely self sufficient with solar power and a wood-fired stove. The Sauna Box is available at Matter in NYC.

Above: Each sauna box comes with an iPod stereo, electric guitar hook-up, a stool made be Castor, a magnetic truck light, and bronze antlers.

Above: The sauna box has a wood fired stove.

Above: The self-contained sauna box can be installed anywhere.