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Holiday Gift: Succulent Christmas Tree Ornaments at Flora Grubb in SF

November 30, 2011 7:21 PM

BY Margot Guralnick

Last holiday season, we noticed a wave of succulent wreaths used as centerpieces; this year, we're liking succulents as Christmas tree ornaments. At her eponymous San Francisco garden store, Flora Grubb, the queen of hard-to-kill plants, sells hen-and-chick cuttings mounted on hooks for $19 each. They survive for weeks as decorations; after you take the tree down, plant them in a garden or pot, where, if you're lucky, the cuttings will take root and produce new sprouts that can be harvested for next year's Christmas tree.

Above: A single Succulent Ornament is $19 at Flora Grubb.

Above: A set of Three Succulent Ornaments is $55 at Flora Grubb.

Above: The succulent ornaments come packaged in a kraft paper box.