ISSUE 49  |  Haute Holiday

Holiday Gift Guide: The Modern Menorah

December 06, 2012 7:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Every year around this time, we embark on a search for the most aesthetically appealing menorahs out there; here’s the best of 2012 (sadly, some of our favorites have fallen off the list: Canoe, where is your walnut menorah? Bring it back!):

Above: Designed by Pratt Institute graduate Brad Ascalon for Design Within Reach, the Ascalon Menorah (candles included) is $275 at Design Within Reach.

Above: Nick and the Candlestick, designed by Lindsey Adelman, features nine brass holders at varying heights; $1,200 from Matter.

Above: The Cast Iron Menorah, designed by Josh Owen, features a tray for catching wax drippings and resting used matches; $145 at Horne.

Above: The Modern Menorah from Sausalito-based Roost is made of silver-plated brass with a shesham base (candles included); $87 at the Light Shop.