ISSUE 2  |  Bath Essentials

Bath: Hinoki Wood Bath Accessories

January 11, 2010 9:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

The qualities of Japanese Hinoki cypress wood (pleasing scent, antibacterial qualities, renewable wood) make it a perfect choice for accessorizing and furnishing spa spaces. Design Within Reach has expanded their line of Hinoki bath accessories since our last report (also see Bath: Steel and Wood Accessories for additional bath items with a similar look).

Above L: Hinoki Toothbrush Holder; $45 at DWR. Above R: Hinoki Storage Box; $60 at DWR.

Above L: Large (29.5 by 21.25 inches) Hinoki Wood Bath Mat; $100 at DWR; a smaller size Hinoki Mat (24 by 14 inches) is available for $45 at Canoe. Above R: Hinoki Small Tray; $55 at DWR.

Above: Hinoki Wood Stool; $300 at DWR.

Above: Hinoki Wood Trash Bin; $80 at DWR.

Above L: Hinoki Soap Tray; $18 at DWR. Above R: Hinoki Tissue Box Cover; $45 at DWR.