ISSUE 31  |  Cabins & Camping

High Style Camping Gear from Japan

August 02, 2012 5:30 PM

BY Justin Hulong

We've written (and raved) about Japanese lifestyle company Snow Peak before. Founded in 1958 by Japanese mountaineer, Yukio Yamai, the company has made a name for itself by making beautiful things for use in the outdoors.

Their line of high quality, well-designed camping goods are so aesthetically pleasing that you can use them both while exploring the great outdoors and at home. The company recently opened up a new store in Portland. We met up with Snow Peak's Joey Tuma to get his take on what products we should keep an eye on. He gave us a list of some Snow Peak classics and a few new products that the line has recently launched in the US. "Camping doesn't have to be about roughing it, " he said. "Being outdoors is about living well and eating well."

We couldn't agree more.

Above: The Medium Single-Action Table is made from bamboo and aluminum and comes with a carry bag; $319.95.

Above: Collapsible Carry-On Chopsticks, made of bamboo and stainless steel; $38.95.

Above: The GigaPower Manual Stove is $39.95.

Above: The LED Hozuki Lantern responds to sound and wind with a flicker of light; $89.95.

Above: The ultra-light Titanium Spork is $8.95.