ISSUE 103  |  DIY Holiday Decor

Having a Moment: Black Gift Wrap

December 17, 2013 8:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Festive holiday gift wrapping, noir edition. Here are 7 good ideas from around the world (from Finland to France), with sourcing ideas:

Above: Black wrapping decked out with wooden beads; via Nina Therese Oppedal in Norway. A set of 100 unfinished Wood Beads is $5 from Fly Baby Designs.

Above: At Le Petit Atelier in Paris, gifts are tucked in dark gray envelopes with a porcelain star. For something similar, consider Black Paper Bags ($8 for 25) from Olive Manna.

Above: Black twine (Olive Manna sells Solid Baker’s Twine in black for $6 a spool)  and a reindeer postcard adorn a package via Annixen.

Above: Lily in Finland tied a brass bell on her package. A dozen small Christmas Brass Bells, $19.50 for a rope strand of six from Irona Works

Above: Signepling in added a black feather to the mix. Olive Manna has

Above: A black tissue paper-wrapped gift via J. Levau in Sweden. A pack of eight Black Tissue Paper sheets is $2.95 from Papyrus.

Above: A folded pinwheel made from black construction paper, via Elisabeth Heir.

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