Hardware: Classic Black Door Knobs by

Issue 43 · London East End · October 25, 2010

Hardware: Classic Black Door Knobs

Issue 43 · London East End · October 25, 2010

Classic black doorknobs are the little black dress of interior hardware; here's a roundup of some good choices.

Black Porcelain Door Knob

Above: Black Porcelain Door Knob; $26 each at Rejuvenation Hardware.

Antique Black Doorknobs

Above: Fully Restored Antique Black Doorknobs; $60.90 a pair from Pasadena's Crown City Hardware.

Baldwin’s Estate Knob

Above: Baldwin’s Estate Knob (5041) in satin black; $147 for a full passage/privacy set at Baldwin Brass Hardware.

Thomas Hoof Produkt Black Door Knob Set

Above: Thomas Hoof Produkt in Germany offers a Porcelain Knob Door Set, which includes two knobs, for €29. Matching rosettes are available for €21.

Smooth Iron Passage Set Black

Above: Acorn's Smooth Iron Passage Set features a flat black finish reminiscent of Early American styling. Set includes twin knobs and accompanying trim; $58.03 through Amazon.

Nanz Doorknob 1092D

Above: In the Design Voyeur category, NYC-based (but Brooklyn manufactured) high-end hardware purveyor Nanz is the holy grail. Above L: Model 1092; Above R: Model 1425. Locate dealers and peruse the offerings at Nanz.

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