ISSUE 8  |  Wabi-Sabi Week

Hard-Wired Kitchen Tools

February 21, 2012 2:30 PM

BY Lydia Lee

The fine art of everyday objects comes to the forefront at Kanaami-Tsuji, a Japanese company offering handmade wire strainers in patterns like "chrysanthemum" and "tortoise-shell."

The Kyoto company was founded by Kenichi Tsuji, and kanaami are Japanese wire-netting kitchen implements. Used for straining tea, serving tofu, and sifting powders, they are carefully made by hand in the time-honored tradition. When a tried-and-true item is damaged by use, the Kitayama workshop offers a repair service to bring it back to life. The wares are currently sold from the company's Kodai-ji shop and retailers in Japan; according to the website, a list of overseas sources will be forthcoming.

Above: Kanaami-Tsuji's products include (from left to right): tofu servers, tea strainers, mesh strainers, and serving trays.

Above: Some of the company's products are made by hand-twisting wire.

Above: A cane container (L) and a sifter made with horsehair (R).

Above: Tea strainers with teak handles (L) and tea strainers of bronze wire (R).

Above: A copper grater (L) and a tofu serving plate (R).

Above: An octagonal tray (L) and a ginkgo-nut roaster (R). The company takes advantage of machine-made mesh when a finer screen is required, but the products themselves are created by hand.