ISSUE 90  |  London Design 2013

A Good and Proper Cuppa in London

September 17, 2013 11:00 AM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

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It seems you can’t walk down a London street of late without encountering a perfectly pulled, barista-blessed flat white coffee—a good cup of tea on the other hand is considerably more elusive. The onetime British staple has fallen by the wayside as coffee has become the drink du jour. To the rescue: avid tea drinker Emilie Holmes, who took it upon herself to remedy the problem. Armed with the mantra “Bringing better cups of tea to the streets of London” and with a decked-out 1974 Citroen H van, and plenty of well-sourced loose leaf, custom-brewed tea, Holmes is bringing back the humble cuppa in a more worthy form. Her van can be found on most week days on King’s Boulevard near Kings Cross (and later this week at Somerset House). For more go to Good & Proper

Above: Holmes turned to Kickstarter to find financing for her business which included the refurbishment of the 1974 Citroen H van to accommodate brewing essentials like a sink, water boiler and a refrigerator. 

Above: According to Holmes, the secret to great cup of tea is not just sourcing great leaves but also getting the right temperature for each brew.

Above: Tea pots on wooden stands with timers for the brew.

Above: A folding tiled counter on the van.

Above: Crumpets to accompany the tea. 

Above: Emilie Holmes (on the far left) making tea.

Above: The van in action.

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